• 4001 HP Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Air Spray Gun

Name:4001 HP Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Air Spray Gun
Item Code:4001
Product Name:Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Air Spray Gun
Optimal Working Pressure:3-5bar
Nozzle Size:1.4-1.7-1.8-2.0
Capacity of Cup:600ML
Air Inlter:1/4bsp
Pattern Width:24CM

Product Description

This general purpose paint spray gun is designed with a rugged lightweight body that makes it easier to keep a steady hand while you paint. The spray gun sprays all light-to-medium viscosity materials including lacquer, enamel, urethane, polyurethane and primer.Equipment with modern and ergonomic design, developed for general use with automotive paints, real estate and varnishes, and can be used with water based products.

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